Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mark Wallinger The Russian Linesman & Sentence

Annoyingly i cannot find the photos i took at this exhibition they are lost somewhere in the depths of my hard drive, however this image taken from, shows the russian linesman at the 1966 world cup final. Victory or not.

In this exhibition at the Hayward Gallery i found the juxtaposition of image and language quite compelling, to extent that their was no relationship. I would be listening to a piece of writing by James Joyce and be looking at scientific photographs of heads from the 19th century. The idea that i am looking at is the juxtaposition of language. The power of two different sets of thoughts placed together as one. In this case i have used a 'The Ballad Of Persse O'Reilly' by James Joyce and an article from this saturdays guardian about 'OMG: Kirstie Allsop Caught on Twitter'. I have used the first four words of each alternate line and placed them together. This can also allude to the surrealist automatic writing technique, but i am interested how dfferent sets of languages from completely different context and times read together. I want to explore this for the exhibition on the theme 'Sentence'.

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