Thursday, 4 June 2009

40 Paper Dimensions

The project at hand was to design a dictionary. The dictionary had to contain forty words, in whatever way i chose to represent. I wanted to keep literal and in focus upon something that can be used and is useful. Paper and paper sizes are something that have always been of a concern in terms of what size i want to work with and what would be best for the printed outcome. I wanted to represent paper dimensions physically. Within this poster i have taken an image of the installation an represented it as a piece of information. The information follows the same system as the installation itself. I have also used the typeface DIN Mittelschrift for its clarity.

Poster held by Alexandra Victoria Connor


TBC said...

Hey, you planning on making this available for sale? Would be interested in buying a copy of you for a friend if you are.x

Alexander Martin Hough said...

I would be interested in selling if you want it. How much are you thinking? x