Thursday, 20 November 2008


Im realising and discovering more and more about the idea of application. It is one of the most important aspects when considering the context of certain elements.I have considered a quick application for X Marks The Spot within the idea of advertisement, focusing on the Playstation.

The advert is placed within the box on the shop wall. The grayscale image shows the triangle, circle, square and cross all together. Above i have inputed the Playstation logo four times to the colours found on the shapes on the Playstation controller. It is taking both elements out of context firstly by placing an image of the components of the controller and then repeating the logo four times instead of being singular depicting the four different colours. The composition has the photo on the base this is because it emphasises the actual components of the Playstation being the four colours on the controller. This really is just a quick idea but it shows how different elements can be used to fit in with a certain application. 

X Marks The Spot

Taking a visit round the Barbican Centre, i photographed Squares, Circles, Crosses and Triangles wherever i could find them. In hindsight i realised how many more examples i could have captured. I will keep my eyes open wider more often.
Here are a few examples.

Maybe not all the shapes are visible at first glance but they are there.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

This photograph taken in East Street market describes to me a thousand words. The opportunistic moment of a stranger jumping into the frame of my camera whilst laughing uncontrollably. Sometimes you get these incredible moments that will remind you of a place for a very long time. 

Guardian Layout

The project: The Digital City , where i explored the signifance of market places situated around the south east of London. What i wanted to focus on is the structure, demographic and the initial impact these markets have on the surrounding area. The exploration took me around East Gate, Brixton, Borough, Greenwich, Deptford and Bermondsey Antiques Market. At each different market the merchants had entirely different attitudes to me documenting them. Some were incredibly enthusiastic some were not. However, my aim was not to antagonise but to encapsulate a sense of what these markets are about.

This was then placed into the context of The Guardian newspaper to give the final documentation a cohesive conclusion.

A New Phase

Good morning, this blog is the beginning of a new phase. It is really to help me understand what on earth the term Graphic Design might mean and to show things that i am currently working on. Somehow i will try and make sense of it all. Bear with me whilst i learn how to organise myself properly.