Friday, 29 May 2009

Scale Models

These were the drawings and the scale models i made that were the basis of the composition i designed from the plot. The drawing shows ten drawings in ten different compositions.

Mapping Dungeness

Each poster is responding too (from top left to bottom right): Degradation, Colour, Weather, Dimension, Geology, Sound and Objects. They are all a personal response to what each person in the group was investigating. By taking the dimensions of the shacks i decided i couldnt represent the plot in anyway realistically, so i made scale models of the shacks at 1:40 and drew studies of them in different positions. What i wanted to communicate is the idea of scale, taking drawings directly from proportionally correct models showed what the area could be.

Dungeness: Mapping A Bleak Landscape

A graphics trip to Dungeness earlier on in May, we were given the brief to explore a 10 X 10 m spot among the huge expanse. All the information had to be recorded, sound, dimensions, colour, structure, terrain, objects, relationships, geology and the effects of weathering. Individually we investigated a different subject where i was recording the dimensions of the structures in the space. The shacks and the winch that can be seen in the photographs. What was interesting about investigating such a small plot in such a huge area was that it was an attempt to understand something about Dungeness. Its completely bleak landscape, with only an ominous power station in the back drop and the few houses to line the road.

Destruction and Use Of The Dictionary

Charlie was considering how my dictionary could be used in the wider context. The wider context being how the viewer can interact and play with the dictionary. We discussed how if a fan was used how the paper would react with one another and if this were filmed for however long, would communicate the relationship more physically. Shame i didnt get round to trying this out, but it would have produced a comparison between the paper sizes, moving in between one another that the viewer could have engaged with more interest.

Dictionary Of Paper Sizes

The brief was to design a dictionary of 40 words on any theme that i wanted to choose. I began by considering the functionality and the purpose of the standard dictionary, the fact that it is plainly useful. What i wanted to explore was how to create a dictionary that can actually be used and be of use to someone. Secondly it was important to consider how it would communicate visually. The idea of paper sizes is general and obvious and choice, but i felt that i hadnt ever seen a true comparison between the various paper sizes that are available to us. There is true physicality about paper and the way it feels, prints and responds a huge amount of tasks.

By creating an installation i felt i could compare the paper sizes i had collected, ranging from 458 X 648 mm (C2) to 31 X 44 mm (B10). What needs to be developed is an actual system for this piece and how it can be used.