Friday, 29 May 2009

Dictionary Of Paper Sizes

The brief was to design a dictionary of 40 words on any theme that i wanted to choose. I began by considering the functionality and the purpose of the standard dictionary, the fact that it is plainly useful. What i wanted to explore was how to create a dictionary that can actually be used and be of use to someone. Secondly it was important to consider how it would communicate visually. The idea of paper sizes is general and obvious and choice, but i felt that i hadnt ever seen a true comparison between the various paper sizes that are available to us. There is true physicality about paper and the way it feels, prints and responds a huge amount of tasks.

By creating an installation i felt i could compare the paper sizes i had collected, ranging from 458 X 648 mm (C2) to 31 X 44 mm (B10). What needs to be developed is an actual system for this piece and how it can be used.

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