Wednesday, 18 March 2009

One Minute Of You Time

Alex Reuben a film maker based in Brazil has a set a 4 day film project 'One minute of your time'. The idea of creating something precious. We have been considering how perspective in terms of scale and depth can be used how it will be perceived. How you can use perspective has just a means of expression. Have a projection on top of a projection with no level of depth what so ever. This is one of his short films, i will be researching moving image alot more from now on and how it can communicate different ideas and on what sort of scale.

Watching Graham Norton being filmed earlier at the South-bank Studios (also the home of Loose Women and GMTv) it was interesting to experience a live set and how cameras, lighting and movement all fit into one space to form a program. It is clear that a hell of a lot more prior preparation went into creating the set and post production then the filming of the show itself. To see a system that work efficiently and productively. Inspiration for some work experience i hope this summer.

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